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When your dishwasher fails, we'll put it right

Dishwashers have become part of most people's normal lifestyles and we can't think of having to go back to standing for ages up to our elbows in greasy water, cleaning our pots and pans. If you have a dishwasher problem, call us to make sure your issue is sorted quickly by the local experts.

- Dishes not properly cleaned

- Dishwasher not draining

- Odour from the dishwasher

- Dishes are still left wet at end of cleaning cycle

Common problem symptoms:

Don't purchase your dishwasher without talking to us first. We'll guide you through the maze of questions that you need to ask yourself to find the ideal dishwasher for your particular circumstances. For example, are you looking for a machine that uses the least water for environmental or running cost reasons? Are you looking for a dishwasher with the quietest operation so that you don't annoy the neighbours in your block of flats? Whatever your needs are we'll point you in the direction of your perfect dishwasher.

Planning on buying a new dishwasher?

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For advice on your next dishwasher, speak to Hampshire's local experts on

01428 717 641 or

07880 674 267 or email