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Fix your problem fridge or freezer quickly

When your fridge or freezer stops working it can often become an expensive problem, not just because of the cost of repairs but because large amounts of food could be lost if it is spoilt. To keep your expense down to a minimum, call us at the first sight of any fridge or freezer problem.

- Fridge not cooling properly

- Water accumulates at the bottom of the fridge

- Compressor running constantly

- Freezer frequently needs defrosting

- Freezer makes a noise when it clicks off

Common problem symptoms:

Deciding on the best fridge or freezer is not as straight forward as choosing between free-standing or integrated any more. With different sizes, configurations and optional features we'll help you find the fridge that offers you everything you need without paying for the features that you won't use.

Find the perfect new fridge or freezer

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To repair your fridge or freezer in the Surrey  and Hampshire areas, give us a call on

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