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Has your washing machine started to make strange noises, or would you like a new washing machine to compliment your newly fitted kitchen? Talk to us about how we can help ensure that you have a new washing machine that won't let you down or for washing machine repairs.

- Excessively noisy when working

- Vibrates more than normal

- Fails to complete the wash cycle

- Leaking water from hoses or seals

- Machine won't drain after wash cycle

Common problem symptoms:

All washing machines aren't the same. So, whether you are looking for the most energy efficient to help save fuel costs, want the quickest wash cycle to fit in with your busy lifestyle or you need a washer with the largest load capacity, we are here to help. We offer you the expert guidance you need when making a decision on which washing machine is best for your own personal needs.

Choosing the right washing machine

A row of washing machines A large washing machine

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